Join the Lab

Postdoctoral fellow

Highly motivated candidates with a doctoral degree in related fields (e.g., stem cell biology or electrophysiology) or a strong background in structural biology (e.g., NMR, single molecule analysis), genomics/proteomics or neuroscience are welcomed although the background of applicants is not strictly limited to these research fields. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for JSPS, HFSP or other postdoctoral fellowships such as the RIKEN Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher program.

Graduate student

We are now particularly seeking for non-Japanese graduate students (Ph.D. course). Highly motivated non-Japanese students are welcomed to apply to our laboratory and could enter the Graduate School of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the Graduate School of Saitama University, or the Graduate School of Juntendo University. Doctoral program applicants are likely to obtain financial support as a RIKEN International Program Associate.

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